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We are glad to greet you, Dear Guests of our capital! We congratulate you warmly with all the coming holidays and invite to visit the wide variety of exhibitions. Having visited the art galleries and museums of our city, you would get a great variety of subtle and eminent impressions.

Moreover, Ufa galleries regularly organize the various sectoral exhibitions where you can get acquainted with the achievements of science and engineering and choose ideas and decisions for the future.

Also, there are exhibitions where it is possible to buy products made of Ural semi-precious stones, jewelry, clothes and shoes for every season.

Our website includes all the detailed information about the dates and places of exhibition organization.

If you want to organize your own exhibition in our city, we are glad to take upon ourselves all the questions. We will do that quickly and qualitatively. All the publicity events aimed at the attraction of visitors and potential partners will be organized to the fullest extent.

We are ready to find necessary halls, place the advertisements in mass media, find the required transport and reliable security in order that you can concentrate on business and keep mind from particulars.

Our exhibitions and presentations help you to find new clients, partners and enlarge the field of your interests.
If it is needed, we are ready to write texts, poems and songs for your arrangements as well as we choose the hotel and storehouses for the equipment and materials. The results of the exhibitions allow getting reliable data for analyzing the activity of your company.


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