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Services of a mechanic and electrician

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  • Services of a mechanic and electrician
  • Tow truck

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Services of a mechanic and electrician


Address: 18 Krasnovodskaya St., Ufa city (car service)
Telephones: +7 (347) 2 666 911
+7 (347) 2 903 902
+7 917 34 768 50
+7 927 237 05 37


The services of the CompanyФ Car emergency aid on the roadsФ

- Services of a mechanic

- Services of an electrician

- Twenty-four-hour tow-truck

- Is your car blocked up?† Opening of the carТs lock

- Car fault diagnostics on the road

-† Are the ignition key or trinket of the alarm system lost?

- Wheel changing

- Auto service on the place of a car breakdown

- Day-and-night auto service

- Alarm system repair

- Duty tractive vehicle. Tow car

- УJump-startФ.† Car start-up.


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