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Theatres of Ufa

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The first theatre in Ufa was founded in 1861. During this time the stage art in Ufa found not only its own traditions but also its own individual style. Theatres of Ufa created their own stage school which could exist only in the center of cross-cultural dialog as some kind of synthesis and intricacies of culture.

If you are a guest of our city you should visit our theatres. Besides classical plays there is modern Bashkir art directing. That means that stage art in Ufa evolves and goes ahead in searching of a new expression language, emotions, feelings, moods.

It is necessary to pay special attention to strengh and life energy which are peculiar to Bashkir art directing. You should watch Bashkir national plays with your own eyes to appreciate the power, wisdom and openness of Bashkir people.†

If you are fond of opera you may enjoy it in Ufa. The Opera House of Ufa received recognition not only in Russia but also abroad. Awards and far abroad† tours prove this fact.

Theatres of Ufa are really worth to be seen. You will find all information required in WelcomeInUfa.com section devoted to cultural lidfe of the city. Come to Ufa and you will understand what warm hospitability feels like. Walk our streets, visit our plays and feel national identity and personal strenght peculiar to the residents of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

ќтзывы "Ѕашкирского вечера"
ќтзывы "Ѕашкирского вечера"
ќтзывы "Ѕашкирского вечера"
Neeraj Gupta
Bhagwan Das Maheshwari and JAIPUR Ц RAJASTHAN
John Irving
John Irving