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Fishing and hunting in Bashkiria

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Shops for fishermen and hunters in Ufa

Rybolov +

Address: 27 B.Bikbaya St., Ufa 61 Mira St., Ufa
Telephone: +7-963-144-40-41

Rybolovniy rai

Address: 2 bd, 10, Uriy Gagarin St., Ufa 3/1, Ufimskoe shosse, Ufa 80, Pervomajskaya St., Ufa
Telephone: +7 (347) 244-20-36
+7 (347) 264-23-30
+7 (347) 240-06-44

Mir rybalki

Address: 50, Pervomajskaya St., Ufa
Telephone: +7 (347) 242-57-92

Dom rybaka

Address: 11 Sophia Perovskaya St., Ufa
Telephone: +7 (347) 254-46-39

Na kruchke

Address: 1/2 Prospect Oktyabrya St., Ufa
Telephone: +7 (347) 226-70-66
+7 (347) 226-70-65


Address: 135 Prospect Oktyabrya St., Ufa; 18, Chudinova St., Ufa
Telephone: +7 (347) 284−52−16

Fishing and hunting in Bashkiria

Numerous guests who love fishing have the possibility to go fishing and hunting on the territory of our Republic with a personal guide. Experienced fishers and hunters are always ready to engage in a favorite amusement. It is so interesting, especially in a new unknown place!

Accompanied by a guide you will be successful in fishing and hunting in Bashkortostan. The Republic is famous for a number of special hunting farms and areas where there is always wild fowl.† There are a lot of places for summer and winter fishing. Our fishing guides participated in an interesting fishing arrangement in wild places, near many lakes, rivers, ponds and fish farms where fish is bred. †

Our guides help you to choose the appropriate fishing gear and buy the necessary bait for fishing. Also, they know where and when it is possible to catch the definite species of fish. Our fishing guides make it easier for you to rent a vehicle, buy fishing and hunting outfit.

Our Republic is rich for very beautiful places for fishing and hunting, mountain rivers with trout, grayling and taimen. In some hardly-accessible and wild places you may turn out to be the first man who sets foot on this place. Have hired a personal guide of fishing and hunting in Bashkiria, you have a possibility to catch famous bream in the Pavlovsky water reservoir, Black sea pipe-fish in Lake Aslykul and about 50 fish species, among which there is† a starlet, Russian surgeon, silver carp, grass carp, pike, tench, catfish and asp and many others. Photos and video of your fishing deeds will remind you of these unforgettable days.

ќтзывы "Ѕашкирского вечера"
ќтзывы "Ѕашкирского вечера"
ќтзывы "Ѕашкирского вечера"
Neeraj Gupta
Bhagwan Das Maheshwari and JAIPUR Ц RAJASTHAN
John Irving
John Irving