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A personal tour-guide around Ufa

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Your personal guide - Dmitry
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Your personal guide - Dmitry



For the guests of our city we offer services of a personal tour guide around Ufa. Our tour guides know thoroughly all the sightseeings of the city, strong and weak points of urban districts and streets. Being aware of traffic peculiarities of Ufa, a personal tour guide helps you to choose the optimal route for the excursions. This allows avoiding vain time expenses and other inconveniences.

Our personal tour guide provides all the detail and interesting comments in any place of the city. The guide knows exactly where and when the most interesting and important events are taking place in Ufa at this very moment. You can avoid traffic jams and get the latest information about cultural events, economical peculiarities of business development in Ufa.

A personal tour guide knows well the infrastructure of the city including industrial districts of Ufa. He or she helps you to choose the most comfortable hotel in the city. †Also, a guide organizes the necessary arrangement and meeting with people interesting for you.

With the help of our personal tour guide you can visit the best shopping centers and buy the most valuable presents. A guide will accompany you to the best beauty parlors, fitness centers and exquisite restaurants.

Good competence in foreign languages of our tour guides makes your visit to our capital comfortable and civilized. All of our guides were born in Ufa and know the city well. They make easier for you to decide all the questions, achieve your aims, because of which you came to Ufa


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