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Museums of Ufa city

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Bashkir Museum of Art named after M. V. Nesterov

27 Gogolya St., the city of Ufa
Telephone: +7 (347) 273-42-36
+7 (347) 272-13-38


The Museum was constructed in 1913 by the order of Laptev, who was a merchant and a timberman of the city of Ufa. M. V. Nesterov was born in Ufa, he was one of the founders of the Silver Age of Russian Art. He presented the city with the best part of his paintings and 102 paintings of other artists in 1913. So, Nesterov helped to lay the foundation of the Museum of Art, opened in 1920. Nowadays the collection of the Museum contains more than 4000 exhibits of all types of Art.


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