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Address: 18 Krasnovodskaya St., Ufa city (car service)


Address: 18 Krasnovodskaya St., Ufa city (car service)
Telephones: +7 (347) 2 666 911
+7 (347) 2 903 902
+7 917 34 768 50
+7 927 237 05 37


Nearly every driver will need the services of a tow car and a duty tractive vehicle sooner or later. It is not obligatory to order a tow car of automobiles only for transportation of damage and failed cars. A tow car or a duty tractive vehicle often remove cars to the parking in the case of the incapacity of the driver to get behind a wheel by himself for one reason or another. Also, a tow car is useful in the situation when it is necessary to remove the car to the auto service. There are a lot of similar usages of tow cars.


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Tow truck

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ќтзывы "Ѕашкирского вечера"
ќтзывы "Ѕашкирского вечера"
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