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The airport of Ufa

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International airport УUfaФ, JSC


Microdistrict Airport, Bulgakovo village, Ufimsky district, the Republic of Bashkortostan
Telephones: +7 (347) 273-02-71 (reception) +7 (347) 229-54-45 (reception) +7 (347) 229-52-95 (information about flights)


There are two flight strips in the airport. The first strip of 2,5 kilometerslength is used more often because it is closer to the terminal. The length of the second cement strip built in the 80s years of twenty century is 3,7 kilometers. It was considered to be a reserved strip for landing a spaceplane of Soviet reusable space systemФBuranФ. Nowadays it is used very rarely for landing a superheavy airplane јn-124.

A passenger terminal No 1 with all the necessary equipment is used for serving domestic flights. On the 5th January of 2001 an international terminal No 2 was open for international flights. In February 2007 the airport was open after a reconstruction. However, up to November 2007 the builders had been continuing the works of reconstruction, laying of new asphalt on the closer strip, on an apron and bearing tracks.

There is a hotel for 200 people, restaurant, shops, café, bar, coffee-room in the airport.

It is possible to get from the airport to a city center by bus.


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The airport of Ufa

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